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Product Introduction

Solar Panel

This product is a specifically made compact and light weight foldable Solar Panel and can be put in a backpack and taken everywhere.

In order to reduce the weight and give more flexibility to the solar panel, Amorphous Silicon is used in making the electricity-producing cells. This silicon is able to produce electricity more efficiently even in hot or cloudy weather conditions.

Furthermore, by using a special sheet, we made sure that the product can be used safely under extreme conditions.

Solar Panel



“Electricity to use, anytime, anywhere”

The electricity is accumulated when the sun is shining so it can be used later regardless of time and weather conditions. Because of its light weight, it can be carried around even by ladies.

“Reliable and ready to use under extreme conditions”

During natural disasters when the essential lifelines are interrupted and weather conditions are hard (Extreme weather conditions, rain, strong winds or snow), this product is a reliable source of energy. The electricity will be produced even if the panels are folded or the product is fallen from a certain height.

Solar Panel“The produced and accumulated electricity can be used over a long period of time”
By arranging the panels in a specific way, we succeeded in making the product in such a way that even if some of the panels are not under any source of light, the remaining panels will continue to produce electricity.
Even under cloudy conditions a high level of electricity is produced, resulting in a 10% increase of produced energy comparing to the Crystal System.


Our specifically designed Lithium- Ion Battery and the Solar Panel make a compact set, so they are portable and can be carried in a backpack.


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Special Uses

  • Disaster Response (Tsunami, Earthquakes, Heavy Rainfalls)
  • Support at Natural Disasters (Tsunami, Earthquakes, Heavy Rainfalls)
  • Non Electrisity Area
  • Outdoors

Solar Panel

Download Catalogue

Bella Solar Catalogue

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For any other eventual inquiries about portability of the product,

please contact us. (It can be folded to a small shape when not in use)

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