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Corporate history

1972 Initial operation began as Nagai Bellows.
1982 Applied for a patent for the silk screen method of manufacturing bellows.
Completed development of the “Nabell Series” specifically designed materials for camera bellows (Nabell 3 & 6).

Granted patent for the silk screen method of manufacturing.(Patent Number:1441115)
Established our company,Nagai Bellows,Inc.
Developed hood bellows for CT,MRI bed.
Bellows for Lift Hood and Application for Utility Model Defined
Management Creed as “the one expanded when needed and extracted when not necessary” .

1990 Initialized association with JPEA (Japan Photographic Enterprises Association)
Participated PHOTOKINA exhibition, first time, in Germany.
Opened our Yamaguchi factory.
Developed bellows hoods which were equipped with reflective interior for laser paths.
1992 Initialized association with Japan Photo And Video Accessory Association.
Participated P.M.A. exhibition, first time, in USA
Re-organized from Nabell Bellows, Inc. to Nabell Corporation
1994 Our new material, ANUL. For medical tables passed the UL standard in the U.S.A.
Held grand opening of sales office in Tokyo
Participated KOFA exhibition, first time, in Korea
1995 Initial investment made by Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultaion, Ltd
Held grand opening of Yamaguchi factory in Abu Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture
1996 Registered our trademark in UK
Developed a sensor bellows for laser path and applied for patent
Applied for patent our trademark in EU (13 countries)
Announced joint development with Camera World for soft box and applied for patent.
1997 Announced joint development with Nichiden Corporation for mass-produced standard bellows.
1998 Awarded the 31st Development Encouragement Award from the Medium and
Small Business Research Institute for our Laser path bellows.
Opened Mie factory and moved the headquarters in Saimyoji,Ueno City,Mie Prefecture.
Nabell USA Corporation officially incorporated in NC.
Exchanged Manufacturer’s Representative Agreement with KARNAT Technologies.
1999 Started a sales and technical contract with Moeller Werke GmbH in Germany.
Opened a new factory for welding at high temperature for our AF bellows in Yamaguchi.
Started Selling bellows for medical equipment to Analogic Corporation(Boston USA).
Nabell USA began the mass production of CT table bellows.
Developed a new welded bellows technique and applied for its patent.
2000 Got a patent for Table lift bellows named FALTA.(Patent Number:3103961)
Started the mass production of Laser sensor bellows and AF bellows at Yamaguchi factory.
2001 Nabell USA started the mass production of C-arm table bellows for GE(OEC).
Started testing and researching for cleanroom application of our bellows.
Began endurance tests of WR bellows for robots in Mie factory.
2002 Akira Nagai,our president,received the Technology testimonial from the Minister of Education and Science.
Got a patent for Laser sensor bellows.(Patent Number:3353059)
Joined in JIMTOF 2002 exhibition for the first time.
2003 Opened a new office in Korea.
Mie factory acquired ISO14001.
2004 Introduced our bellows for hi-speed machine tools at JIMTOF2004 show in Tokyo.
Opened a new factory “N-Tech” for sheet metal in Yamaguchi.
Mie&Yamaguchi factory acquired ISO9001.
Yamaguchi factory acquired ISO14001.
Entered into a technical contract for Metal telescopic bellows with KEYARROW in Taiwan.
Won a patent for a new welded bellows technique.
2005 Akira Nagai(President) received the award a price for contributing the region community.(by the Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun,Ltd)
Akira Nagai was assigned as chairperson.
Norio Nagai was assigned as new president of Nabell Corporation,CEO of Nabell USA Corporation.
Mr. Don Stewart was assigned as new president of Nabell USA Corporation.
2006 Exhibit our high-speed covers for machine tool at JIMTOF2006.
Prepare for establishing a new factory at Yume-police in Iga city,for making bellows of Bella-Flex series.
2007 Bella-Flex Factory started operations.
Selected as one of Japan’s 300 Exciting Monozukuri(Manufacturing) SMEs.
2008 VS Armor got an Encouragement Award of “’Cho ’Monodzukuri Innovative Parts and component Awards 2008.”(sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun,Ltd./The Conference for the Promotion of MONODZUKURI.)
Exhibit Telescopic Cover N-SPM and Stahlflex at JIMTOF 2008.
Got a patent for Scattered Light Shielding Cartridge.(Patent Number:4139365)
Formulated Medium-term management plan,Second 21.
2009 Nabell USA moved to new location having 3 times larger space than before.
Water Defense got an Encouragement Award of “’Cho’Monodzukuri Innovative Parts and Component Awards 2009.(sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun,Ltd./The Conference for the Promotion of MONODZUKURI.)

Planning to exhibit at IMTS2010 in Chicago and JIMTOF 2010 in Tokyo.
Formulating Medium-term management plan,Third 21.

‘Laser Path Bellows equipped Heat Detective Device’ received Honorable Mention Award from “CHO’MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award”



VS Armor Patented(Patent Number:4833013)

AS Armor Patented(Patent Number:4726611)

SPM-D Patented(Patent Number:4890596)



NABELL CHINA Founded in Dang Yang

Water Defense Patented(Patent Number:4988413)

Moving into New Headquarter to Yumegaoka


Switching new distributing agent in Israel(Karnat→Baccara)

Bella-Solar:Trademark,Patent,Design Application,Start Trading

Japan Patent Office:Intellectual Property Achievement Award

Nabell USA 15th Founding Anniversary