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Environmental Policy(ISO14001)

At Nabell Corporation, a “functional cover” is regarded as a bellows. As a company which develops, designs, manufactures, sells, and serves various bellows, we continuously improve the remarkable influence on the environment in all the business activities and keep to be the company trusted by earth environment, a regional society, the customer, the employee, and other interest people.

To realize this,

  1. We obtain environmental management system ISO14001, and continuously attempt to improve environmental activities and prevent environmental pollution.
  2. We observe the environmental regulations and other mutual agreement related to all production activities, and attempt to reduce the environmental burden and preserve it.
  3. Concerning environmental aspect related to our all production activities, products, and service,
    we establish purpose for improvement and goal as follows and set up programs and carry out to accomplish these.
    Moreover, we regularly check and review it.

    • (1)Reduction of the amount of electric power use
    • (2)Reduction of the amount of paper use
    • (3)Reduction of waste and promotion of recycling
    • (4)Approach of product development and design considering the environment.
    • (5)Contribution to regional community
  4. Environmental education is held so that all employees in our company take part.
  5. We attempt to this environmental policy notified by throughout employees, and this is opened to the public.

Quality Policy(ISO9001)

Nabell Corporation defines as “a functional cover” and constructs our own quality management systems pursuit to the excellence in innovation, design, manufacture and sales for our customers.
We are also dedicated,for social contribution, as a reliable company fulfilling our customer’s needs, complying with appropriate rules and providing high quality products.

For this, we promote the followings;

  1. Reducing the rate of defective products.
  2. Increasing the skill level of each employee.
  3. Developing additional work and product value.