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Company Outline

President’s Message

New Global (Glocal: Localized Global) Era  

We deeply appreciate your continued and  kind support, and wish to extend our sincerest thanks.

After more than three years of  very high rates of yen against foreign currencies and with return to lower rates of yen, once more Japanese enterprises can fully compete with foreign counterparts. This in part contributed to the selection of Tokyo as the host city of 2020 summer Olympic and Paralympics. Everybody did their parts in achieving this goal and we are very thankful for that.

Wherever there is a market, there is a chance for progress. Being only 15 years young, Nabell USA, has succeeded to have new footholds in other parts of the world, the way the younger Nabell China has done, and together with the two factories in Mie and Yamaguchi, the combination of four have reached new heights in customer satisfaction by producing high quality goods and caring about customer needs.   

As the recipients of Special Intellectual Property Achievement Award  of 2013, we feel the new charge to put our energy together in producing highest quality bellows and we feel capable of answering to demands of society, and achieving these goals for us are raison d’être.  Japan is a very developed country when it comes to distribution of goods from the assembly line to the consumer using big enterprises.  After the events of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, we had a wakeup call and felt need to be ready and prepared in the event of a big black- out. We also feel the need to increase of use clean solar and other eco friendly sources, believing that clean energy is vital in building a country in these times. We feel new responsibilities and new challenges by producing the new line of portable and extendable solar panels.

We as the market leaders will represent Japan in global and localized market. We are always available for any technological inquiries and those of other nature and we hope to have your present and corroboration in the future.

Sincerely yours,



Nabell Corporation
Norio Nagai

Nabell Corporation President Nagai Norio

Company Profile

Name Nabell Corporation
President Norio Nagai
Location 7-2-3 Yumegaoka,Iga City Mie Pref.518-0131
TEL +81-595-21-5060
FAX +81-595-23-5059
Inaugurated October 1972 “Nagai Bellows”
Established October 1988 “Nagai Bellows,Inc.”(Capital:8 million yen)
Reorganized November 1992 “Nabell Corporation”(Capital:20 million yen)

50 million yen(as of May 2010)
January 1995 Issued convertible bond(20million yen)

Acceptance of Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd.

June 1997 Increased Capital 10 million yen
August 1997 Converted bond 20 million yen

Exectives President Norio Nagai
Managing Director Tomoko Nagai
Director Yoshikatsu Tanaka
Director Keiichi Tanaka
Auditor Hideko Nagai
No.of Employees 199(As of September 15, 2013)


  • Manufacturer of Bellows and related products

Nabell Group and Business Partners

Head Office/

Mie Factory

7-2-3 Yumegaoka,Iga City Mie Pref.518-0131

Phone:+81-595-21-5060 Fax:+81-595-23-5059

Yamaguchi Factory

3485-8 Nago,Abu Town Yamaguchi Pref.759-3622

Phone:+81-8388-2-2027 Fax:+81-8388-2-0030

Korea Branch

No.1808,21 Centurycity 55-1,
Daeyeon 3dong,Nam-gu,Busan,608-743 KOREA

Phone:+82-51-610-1808 Fax:+82-51-610-1809


208 Charter St Albemarle,NC 28001 U.S.A

Phone:1-704-986-2455 Fax:1-704-986-2456



NO.68,Tongang West Road,Danyang economic development zone,JAPIC Factory #.10,jiangsu province 212310 CHINA

Phone:+86-511-86997080 Fax:+86-511-86997082

Business Partner

  • Moeller Werke GmbH(GERMANY)


  • Shoko Chukin Bank:Tsu Branch
  • Hyakugo Bank:Ueno Branch
  • Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank:Yokkaichi Branch
  • Yamaguchi Bank:Abu Branch