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Please call us whenever you require something covers with various functions and for the purposes, i.e. the safety, dustproof and waterproof measures for machinery driving and turning sections, carrier devices, washing equipment, water supply tanks, vibration equipment, ducts, flexible joints, and etc. Also, our bellows products will be applicable for
anti-UV and electromagnetic shielding.

Utilizing the bellows features such as storability, elasticity and portability, we offer economical solutions with the ingenuity of our manufacturing processes and proprietary materials.

The main functions required


Chemical resistance

Oil resistance

Pressure resistance



Bellows for Electromagnetic Shielding(EMC)Ring Inserted Bellows 02(IR)Polygon Folding Bellows01

Bellows for EMC(Electromagnetic Shielding)



Driving Axis Cover for the lifting section of wire sawRoll Screen Bellows 01(MJ)Gate-shaped Bellows01

Driving Axis Cover for the lifting section of wire saw



Folding Water TankCable CoverFlat Bellows01

Folding Water Tank

Cable Cover


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