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Among Nabell's program, our bellows for optical instruments are the longest-lasting products. These bellows with perfect light shielding properties have been well accepted by both the professional and amateur photographers for many years. Leading manufacturers adopted our designs for the production of their cameras and other optical instruments worldwide.

Our bellows enhance the performance of these 4"x5" or 8"x10" medium format cameras as well as the aged predominant spring cameras and folding cameras. Even in the current digital era, our bellows can be useful for enhancing the performance of CCD.

In addition to camera bellows, we welcome any inquiries of applications requiring light shielding properties such as optical analyzers, visual inspectors, monitor hoods or others.

The main functions required

Light shielding effect




Camera Bellows for preplacement

Camera Bellows for replacement

Optical Instruments 02Bellows for Medium and Large Format CamerasOptical Instruments 04




Bellows for Optical Instruments (CCD),Optical Instrument 03,Bellows HoodsLiquid Crystal Cover/Shading Visor



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