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Train Cars

For environmental improvement and CO2 reduction in the world, high speed railways such as linear motor trains and Shin-kansen trains will be used for mass transportation. Hybrid automobiles will likewise be reviewed as important means of alternative transportation to the aircraft.

Our challenge is to develop the bellows products that contribute to the safety and comfort of passengers using these vehicles. Without abandoning existing concepts, we are actively proposing new and improved covers and bellows products for gangway hood, deflection airway, engine cooling systems, sun shades, vehicle tilting systems, passenger security systems, and more.

The main functions required



Light shielding effect



Flame retardant


Weather resistance

Heat resistance

Bellows for Train,GangwayFood,Sun-Shade,Deflection Airway(Duct)


Bellows for Wheelchair Lifts

Bellows for Wheelchair Lifts

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