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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

In the front-end and back-end processes for manufacturing semiconductors, some critical demands to eliminate quality influencing factors such as dust proof and water proof are being requested. One sector where high technologies, including choice of materials and the construction of bellows, are being examined is the use of pure water in the washing process.

Recently, these technologies are being applied in a similar process during the manufacturing of solar power collecting panels.

The main functions required



Oil resistance

Chemical resistance

Coolant resistance

High speed tracking capability

Low backlash

Low particle generation

Folding Bellows (Enclosed shape)Ring Inserted Bellows 03(IR)


Bellows for CMP process

Water Defense,Water Defense(Back)

Water Defense got
an Encouragement Award of “‘Cho’ Monodzukuri Innovative Parts and Component Awards 2009”.
(sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun,Ltd./The Conference for the Promotion of MONODZUKURI.)

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