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To comply with the purposes of Mother Machine that effectively processes high precision work pieces, Nabell provides you with a variety of covers for your choice.
Especially, the metal covers applicable for the processing in high speed and large acceleration are specifically served to you under our new brand name “Bella-Armor.”

Please choose a cover that is well suited for your purposes in function and budget.

The main functions required

High speed/High acceleration

Driving stability

Coolant resistance


Oil resistance

Chip resistance

Spatter resistance

Telescopic Covers (For Bed) Telescopic Covers (Pantograph)

For Bed
W3000 10 sections

High speed application
(w/pantagraph mechanism)

Telescopic Covers (Z-Shape)Telescopic Covers (Column)


Column Cover

Telescopic Covers



AS Armor VS Armor 01Small Maching Center

AS Armor
2,500(W) x Max.3,000(H)

VS Armor

Stahlflex01AF + Armored CoversBellows with Slats (Mountain Shape)01


Bellows with Slats

Apron Covers01Bella-Armor Protective Cover

Apron Covers

X/Y-axes BellowsAF Bellows for Milling Machine

X/Y-axes Bellows


AF Bellows

AF Bellows

Laser Path Bellows 1Laser Path Bellows 02 (Enlarged)

Laser Path Bellows 01

Laser Path Bellows

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