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Special Shape

Retro-Fit Bellows

Retro-Fit Bellows

They can be mounted to the ball screws and/or shafts without disassembling the equipment. They are very well suited for replacement of the existing covers and some new countermeasures.
Nabell's original folding types and/or fastener types are provided for the user’s choice.

Laser Path Bellows

Based on the technologies fostered from many evolutions of our Optical Bellows we have developed a superior bellows for the laser industry. Our laser bellows materials are self-extinguishing, airtight and flame retardant.
Our Laser Path bellows offer reflective plates to help prevent burnout, should re-strike occur. In addition , we offer burnout sensors for extreme cases. These sensors will activate a machine stop should a burnout occur. Nabell was recognized for this technology and elected to the prestigious “300 of Japan’s Dynamic Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2007. Many laser manufacturers, worldwide, are now requiring our designs.

Laser Path Bellows 02,(With Sensor)

Telescopic Covers

Telescopic Covers (Pantograph)Telescopic Covers (Z-Shape)Telescopic Covers (For Bed)

The metal covers used to protect driving parts of machines from chips and coolants.
Available up to 3,500mm wide in dimensions and 120m/min. 2G in speed. We can provide the following mechanisms to cope with different shapes, speed and acceleration.

  • No linking mechanism for large sized and/or slow speed covers.
  • SM   A single linking mechanism.
  • DSM   Double linking mechanism.
  • SPM-D   Synchronized linking mechanism (Under license of Keyarrow (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.)

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