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Enclosed Shape

Bellows for Lift (Fold)01

Folding Bellows (A Single Layer)

This style of bellows is made using elastic non-woven fabrics.
It is very cost friendly and is lighter weight in comparison to our Multi-Layer style.

Folding Bellows (Falta Process)Patented

With the combination of metal cores and reinforced materials we have achieved a patented design that is cost friendly with an enhanced construction.
When this bellows is fully extended, all sides become flat.This offers a possibility to print precaution labels, advertisements and more on the bellows surface.

Welfare Equipment
Straight Bellows (For Laser)

Folding Bellows (Multi-Layer)

These are available from the ingenuity of our unique manufacturing processes and proprietary materials.
It is our Multi-Layer construction consisting of the outer fabric, core material(s), and inner fabric.
By changing the number of layers and/or the combination of fabrics, the bellows can be customized to meet with your environmental and/or application requirements.

Optical Bellows

The manufacturing of camera bellows is Nabell’s origin.Our Optical Bellows are made utilizing our Multi-Layer construction and proprietary materials.These materials are excellent for light shielding, durability and aesthetics.
This bellows has passed light shielding tests of 30,000lux with ASA3000 Film for a period of 30 minutes.

Optical Instruments 02

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