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3 Sided Shape

Gate-shaped Bellows(Fold)

Multi-Layer Folding Bellows

They are available from ingenuity of our unique manufacturing processes and proprietary materials. It is our Multi-Layer construction consisting of the outer fabric, core material(s), and inner fabric.
By changing the number of layers and/or the combination of fabrics, the bellows can be customized to meet with your environmental and/or application requirements.

Gate-shaped Sewn Bellows

This style of bellows can be made of 1-Layer or Multi-Layer construction and is sewn at each peak and valley.
This bellows can be a good alternative when your design calls for more than one of our Folding styles such as high temperature resistance.

Gate-shaped Sewn Bellows
AF Bellows,Armored Covers

AF Bellows : Thermal-Weld bellows

They are manufactured by Nabell under the license of MoellerWerke GmbH, Germany.
This style of bellows is made by Thermal-Welding a single layer of material to the outer profile of a PVC stiffener.
With a PVC stiffener welded at each fold and the inner profile cut to your guide or linear rail, this bellows is capable of working in all directions and upside-down.
For more severe protection, we can add the SUS slats to each ridge of bellows.

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