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A Single Face

Flat Bellows

Flat Bellows

The peaks and bottoms of bellows can be sewn to enhance the shape retention to prevent “pop up” as the bellows is being moved to its compressed position and “sagging down” as the bellows is being moved to its extended position.
Appropriate choice of materials enhances this bellows versatility.
Let us know of your demands and specifications such as high speed, high acceleration, low particle generation, and so on and we will provide the solution to fit your need.

Roll Screens

The use of aluminum drum made it possible to reduce weight and sound of the screen covers.
Both room temperature type and heat-resistant type are available depending on a choice of sheet material. To comply with high speed tracking capability, it will be possible to change spring specifications.
Please contact us for more information.

Roll Screen Bellows 01(MJ)
VS Armor 01,Stahlflex 01

Armored Covers (Stahlflex, VS Armor)

Stahlflex covers are manufactured by Nabell under the license of MoellerWerke GmbH, Germany and offer features such as high speed/high acceleration and replaceable components.
Our original VS Armor covers that are bellows equipped with stainless steel slats are good for a space saving design and highly resistant to chips and debris and used to protect the machines working points.

Apron Covers

Our Apron covers are constructed of extruded aluminum and coolant resistant H-NBR rubber.
These covers are suitable for vertical or horizontal applications requiring coverage with a radii of 30° or more.
They are available in sizes up to 1,500mm wide x 1,000mm long.

Apron Covers 01

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